About Real Nappies

Real Nappies is the leading reusable cloth diaper in New Zealand. After countless hours spent refining the cloth diapering system, Real Nappies offers a pure and simple cloth diaper that eliminates the fuss and mess.

Real Nappies cloth diapers are easy to use, simply to buy and cost far less in the long run than disposable diapers or alternative reusable diaper systems.

Parents, maternity hospitals and childcare centers have voted Real Nappies the number one cloth diaper in New Zealand, and congratulated Real Nappies for making it a no-brainer decision to choose reusable cloth diapers ahead of disposable diapers!

About the 'Real Nappies' Name

In New Zealand, the word 'nappy' refers to what in the United States is called a diaper. Hence 'Real Nappies' means 'real diapers', the perfect name for the leading reusable cloth diaper in beautiful clean green New Zealand.

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