Cloth Diapers Intro Sample Pack

  • Curious about cloth diapering? The Real Nappies Intro Pack is a great way to try cloth diapers without any risk.
  • Real Nappies diapers are made of premium 100% Indian cotton that stays soft and fluffy, even after vigorous laundering.
  • Real Nappies PUL diaper covers repel moisture to keep baby dryer and are easily fastened with velcro tabs at the waist.
  • The Real Nappies Intro Pack contains a cloth diaper, cover and liner.
  • New Zealand's #1 cloth diaper, the choice of maternity hospitals and the only reusable cloth diaper brand to be sold in supermarkets.
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If you haven't tried cloth diapering before or know someone who might want to, the Real Nappies Intro Pack is a great way to try cloth diapers without any risk. Each Intro Pack contains:

  • 1 x Cloth Diaper
  • 1 x Snug Wrap Diaper Cover
  • 1 x Real Nappies Diaper Liner

Real Nappies Intro Packs come in attractive gift box packaging and are great to give as gifts or receive. Real Nappies is New Zealand's #1 cloth diaper, the choice of maternity hospitals and the only cloth diaper brand to be sold in supermarkets.


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Customer Reviews

  1. great

    by Crown of Jewels on March 28, 2012

    I'll share what I was looking for, so you can better get what you need out of this review. Having used other cloth diapers with all sorts of bells and whistles, I was looking for plain, simple and straight forward. No finnicky wicking material, no special washing instructions, no need to strip, or handle carefully. I wanted the old fashioned, very economically priced, get the job done sort of a diaper. When I read that they were used at maternity wards in New Zealand, I figured I'd probably found what I was looking for, and I have.

    I was initially concerned at the lack of leg gussets, but have been pleased and relieved to find that they function perfectly without them. I think perhaps with some of the thinner inserts out there, the leg gussets become more necessary. But, as these are meant to fit firmly against baby, that doesn't pose a problem with these and I have not had leaking issues apart from my occasional lapses by leaving the diaper on too long between changes. You do have to make sure you've got the diaper snugly fastened. I pull up and out towards baby's side with the front of the diaper as I cross the tab over to fasten which nicely snugs down the legs and waist at the same time.

    I have had the whole gamut of issues with previous diapers that I have tried, and these are far superior in function, at a fraction of the cost. Add to that a two child use guarantee out of your diapers and you really can't go wrong.

    We've used the first two sizes so far. I did find that they were easier to use and fit better as my baby got a little bigger - the second size was easier, but the first size worked too. The liquid poo fold works like a charm.

    As pps stated, you need to make sure the insert is fully stuffed into the leg gussets and isn't sticking out anywhere around the legs or waist.

    I also noted that the velcro tabs were stiff and kind of sharp. I have solved this problem by making sure the insert is completely forward in the cover, so it doesn't fold over and tuck in at the waist, thereby preventing the tabs from coming into contact with skin. I line the insert up with the very edge of the front of the diaper and then stretch the back out so that when the diaper is put on, the insert stays close to the front and not the back.

    They seem pretty sturdy and have held up well. The writing on the labels has come off, but the cover itself seems virtually unchanged by multiple washings.

    We have a essential pack and a top up pack for this size, yielding 5 covers and loads of inserts. I never make it through all the inserts but I do occassionally run out of covers and have to use a disposable while I do the wash. I think if I were more on top of my laundry, that wouldn't pose a problem, but I think to essential packs instead, with 6 covers is how I'll go for the next size.

    It really seems like you can't beat the price. If you're doing cloth diapers to be economical and functional, then this is a good match. If you want the latest bells and whistles, flashy colors, and don't mind spending a pretty penny for what could turn out to be a flop, then this wouldn't be your best match. I kind of wanted a sure thing without much that can go wrong, and not much of a financial investment in my experiment. It worked out great!
  2. Pleasantly suprised!

    by Jenny on March 13, 2012

    This is the first cloth diaper I have tried and I am very pleasantly suprised how well it worked!! I used the cover w/ the cloth prefold it came with, some other hemp prefolds and even a cheap gerber prefold and had NO LEAKS. And my daughter is a HEAVY wetter! The cover and the insert are very good quality and seems very comfortable on my baby.
  3. Awesome

    by C. Lundy on March 12, 2012

    I have been using this brand for about a month now and have had only one leak in that entire time, and that was because my son was in them for over 4 hours (day trip) and I had not assembled the cover correctly. One thing that their is to note is that the prefolds will leak but not out into their clothes, instead onto the cover. If you are planning on buying this brand, for my son I got three infant starter kits, three toddler starter kits and an essential crawler pack, costing just over $150. They all come with prefolds, and you will end up with about 18. So far i haven't needed to buy anymore and am not planing on buying anymore covers. The prefolds do stain, the best thing to do with them is if you have a washer machine use a baby safe oxyclean, or sunnying. If you are washing them by hand like I do use Dawn dish soap soak them and then wash them and hang them in the sun the stains will practically disappear
  4. Takes out all the guesswork

    by Francis Frost on January 26, 2012

    We bought the birth-to-potty pack before our boy was born. He is our first and as you know a first time parent has NO IDEA what they need for the coming arrival. The birth-to-potty had everything we needed from the time we left the hospital to now. Great products, long lasting and good for the environment! 5 Stars!!!
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