10-Pack Diaper Liners, 10 rolls of 100 liners

  • 10 rolls of 100 easy tear off, perforated diaper liner sheets
  • Eliminate mess by sitting on top of the diaper and capturing solids
  • Once soiled, simply flush down the toilet
  • Fully biodegradable and earth-friendly
  • Can be used with any other cloth or disposable diaper brands
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Real Nappies diaper liners make using cloth diapers easy and much less messy. To use a Real Nappies diaper liner, simply tear off a sheet, place the diaper liner sheet in the cloth diaper, fasten the cover, and you're set!

Once soiled, the diaper liner can be disposed of by flushing it down the toilet or tossing it in the trash.

The Real Nappies diaper liner is made from corn fiber, a natural fiber that is soft on baby's skin and friendly to the environment. The Real Nappies Diaper Liners's unique weave promotes the absorption of liquids while effectively capturing solids, making diaper changes less messy and much easier for Mom or Dad.

Standardized sizing means Real Nappies diaper liners can be used with any other cloth diaper or disposable diaper brands. Each sheet measures 11" by 7 78".

Because it is totally earth-friendly, the Real Nappies diaper liner can even contribute to your compost pile or worm farm!

Real Nappies offers a range of great cloth diapering products at hard-to-beat prices. Check out the full Real Nappies range.


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Customer Reviews

  1. Best liners EVER!

    by Logan's mom on September 17, 2013

    I have tried quite a few flushable liners in our cloth diapers, and these are hands down my favorite!! We cut them with a knife to fit the exact width of our diapers and lay them in so they are ready to go. They are silky soft, the softest I've tried. If it is a #2 diaper, then I just walk over to the toilet, and shake these off and flush, SO EASY! I don't even own a diaper sprayer because these are just so much easier! But the BEST part about them? They are re-usable! If it is a wet diaper, I throw it in the pail with the diapers to be washed. I don't dry them in the dryer, just wash them, and they come out GREAT! I loose count how many times they can be re-used, but I'd say it's at least 5! Super cost-efficient! Give these a try, you won't be sorry!
  2. Love These

    by L. owens "L.S.Owens" on September 17, 2013

    I love these Nappies Bioliners. I have used cloth diapers off and on for four years, I have tried the G-Diapers but don't like the process of taking them apart and stirring. These liners are fantastic. Keeps the dirty off the diapers so you can just toss them in the laundry bag until wash time. Makes the whole process so much cleaner!
  3. Work better than other brands I've tried

    by R. Smith on September 17, 2013

    I really like these liners. At first, I thought the large size was too big but then I realized that's why they work so well. They are also much softer than the kushies and they are cheaper! I also love that they seem to stay dry against my baby's skin. Definitely my favorite liner. As far as them being too soft, that hasn't been a problem. The kushies were worse with my baby as far as moving around and not catching everything.
  4. Works perfect and reusable !

    by kiki on September 17, 2013

    These liners feel very soft, the size is comfortable and they tear easy of the roll.
    When the baby does a pee, they let the urine through to the diaper and the liner keeps it's dry feeling, what must be an agreable feeling for the baby.
    These liners also hold strong and stay soft in the washing machine, so that you can use them again and again. And of course when they are dirty you can easily flush them.
    Diaper change made easy !
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