Cloth Diapers Birth To Potty Pack, Newborn to Toddler, for babies 6-40+ lb

  • This pack takes away the guesswork. It contains the cloth diaper supplies you'll need for your child, from newborn to potty training. Save up to 75% compared to buying individual items at retail.
  • Over 100 items, including Indian cotton cloth diapers, diaper covers, diaper liners and potty training pants, all at one great price.
  • Real Nappies cloth diapers are made of premium 100% Indian cotton that stays soft and fluffy, even after vigorous laundering.
  • Real Nappies Snug Wrap diaper covers repel moisture to keep baby dryer and are easily fastened with velcro tabs at the waist.
  • Real Nappies products are backed by a unique warranty that extends across two children for both cloth diapers and diaper covers.
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The Real Nappies Birth to Potty Pack takes the guesswork out of cloth diapering and contains all of the cloth diaper supplies you'll need for your child. Compare with the cost of buying disposables, and you save thousands of dollars by deciding to cloth diaper your child.

This pack includes over 100 items. Save up to 75% compared to buying at retail. It's unbeatable value.

The Real Nappies prefold reusable cloth diaper system features a 100% premium Indian cotton cloth diaper inside a waterproof PUL cover that fastens with a velcro aplix enclosure at baby's waist. Stretchy elastic around baby's legs ensures the diaper stays snug on your child and won't cause redness or rashing.

The Real Nappies Birth to Potty Pack is the easiest and most economical way to buy the prefolds and covers you need for cloth diapering. Each pack contains:

  • 24 x Cloth Diapers, Newborn Size
  • 24 x Cloth Diapers, Infant Size
  • 18 x Cloth Diapers, Crawler Size
  • 12 x Cloth Diapers, Toddler Size
  • 6 x Snug Wrap diaper covers, Newborn size
  • 6 x Snug Wrap diaper covers, Infant size
  • 6 x Snug Wrap diaper covers, Crawler size
  • 5 x Snug Wrap diaper covers, Toddler size
  • 8 packs of 100 Real Nappies diaper liners
  • 2 x Nappy Fresh diaper sanitizer packs
  • 1 x Potty Training Pants
  • 1 x waterproof diaper bag
  • 1 x helpful cloth diaper user guide

Real Nappies is the #1 cloth diaper brand in New Zealand and the choice of maternity hospitals. Real Nappies offers a two-child guarantee on all Real Nappies cloth diapers and diaper covers.


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Customer Reviews

  1. Fantastic and easy cloth diapers!

    by Dawn Chatham "bluesash" on April 3, 2012

    I have been using this kit with my baby for almost 7 months, along with reusable cloth wipes, and have been extremely happy. This being my second child (used disposables with my first), it is so nice to know that I will never run out of diapers or wipes. The convenience is a huge plus in my book.

    I really cannot think of any "cons" to this diaper system except that Real Nappies does not sell the "Nappy Fresh" cleaner in the US. I have been using "Tiny Bubbles" with a scoop of "Nappy Fresh", and it has been fine, but I'm running out of "Nappy Fresh" and have not found an alternative. Ok, second "con" is that I didn't realize the bulk of a cloth diaper would be so significant that it would cause the baby's clothes to be ill-fitting. She basically has a bigger booty due to the bulk, and I've had to move her up a size in some clothes to accommodate this.

    I added Snappy Clips to my diapers to ensure a good fit. We are now into using the bio-liners and they are terrific, too. I wash the load of diapers about every 3 days (was more frequent when my baby was younger...more like every 36-48 hours). Overall, I'm extremely happy with this purchase.

    UPDATED: The great news is Real Nappies is now selling Nappy Fresh in the US, and it is available on Amazon. My baby is now 11 months old and we are still exclusively using Real Nappies. We've stopped using the Snappy Clips and rely on "the girl fold" and they system works fantastically.

    I had an issue with one diaper cover's velcro strip across the front becoming unraveled, so I contacted the Real Nappy Customer Service, and they sent me 6 new covers to replace the one that was flawed. Terrific customer service and a great, reliable product.
  2. I love these diapers!

    by Emily "froggyhi" on February 15, 2012

    I knew that I wanted to try to use cloth diapers with my baby. I was doing all my cloth diapering research when my water broke 5 weeks early! So right before heading to the hospital I ordered the birth to potty pack because this system had the best reviews. The diapers arrived soon after we came home from the hospital. Since I was in a rush to use them, I only did two hot water cycles before putting them into circulation. Even with just two hot washes, the diapers were absorbent and had quilted up nicely. I hated the idea of wasting so much hot water for just 1 stage of diaper inserts, so I washed the Newborn and Infant stages together. Good thing too, because my full-sized preemie outgrew the newborn size in about a month. I went to pack away the newborn diapers, when I realized I can use the smaller diapers as a "catch pad"/bib for breastfeeding. I'm currently on the Infant size and I'm using the Crawlers and Toddler sizes as tummy-time drool mats, drool mats for naptime, lap pads, and as changing pad liners. The use as changing pad liner was an epiphany after reading so many bad reviews for changing pad systems that required special liners that ultimately end up rolling and bunching in the wash. I received some name-brand washable lap pads as a gift, and they were really small and only lasted two washes before falling apart because they're just two pieces of felt glued together; what a waste! These Real Nappies have turned into so much more than just diapers, and this set really is everything you need to diaper your baby!

    Every 2 days I use Charlie's Soap and the tiniest amount of the Nappy Fresh to wash soiled diapers on a cold water+extra rinse cycle, and then I add all of baby's clothes and other laundry for a second warm water+extra rinse cycle. Haven't had any staining or odor issues yet. I only wash the diaper covers if they get pooped on, and air dry the other covers by building and rotating thru all 6 covers in a day.

    My baby hates wet diapers, and will cry the instant his is wet. When you feel the diaper, there's never any question if it's wet, versus with disposables we're always poking the diaper over and over again to figure out if that's the reason baby's crying. People have told me the cloth diapers will make potty training easier because baby will know when the diaper is wet, versus with super absorbent diapers, babies tend to sit around in them for longer periods of time. When my baby was sick and having diarrhea, we went 48 hours in disposables, and in that short amount of time he got diaper rash. When we switched back to the nappies, the rash went away. We've never had to use diaper cream (why add more chemicals to your baby's life?).

    These cloth diapers have far better workmanship than other prefolds out there. I wanted a few extra inserts so I bought some prefolds and covers from other companies for comparison. I found that the Real Nappies are a little narrower in the crotch so baby's legs can be closer together (how is baby supposed to crawl with a huge diaper in the way?) so I joke that they are European cut. The sewing is tidier and doesn't unravel. For the diaper covers, I love that the fabric is soft and there's no exposed PUL (other companies have an exposed polyurethane liner, almost like pizza parlor tablecloth, and it tends to get sweatier). We've had some close calls, but have not yet had any blow outs (#1 nor #2) even though there are no gussets. The edges of the velcro can be sharp, but aren't nearly as sharp as other wraps I've tried. Keeping the diaper insert pulled all the way to the top edge will help keep the diaper cover from rolling inward and cutting into baby's belly.

    The one thing I didn't figure out until later: Since you're doing cloth diapers, why not do cloth wipes too! They can fit into a diaper warmer or tupperware. Just add water and a few drops of natural wipes solution!

    I'm a first time mom and I'm no crunchy-granola-hippie, I'm really more of a consumer. But I wanted to provide my baby with the healthiest options I could afford. I never planned to "go green" but after trying these diapers, I can see how easy it is to make my household healthier by reducing the amount of chemicals and trying to choose greener products. While the initial investment is upfront, in the long run, I will spend less on diapering my baby.

    I love these diapers.
  3. So easy!

    by *Michelle* on February 7, 2012

    With our first child, it was brand name premium disposable diapers only. With our second, we switched to store brand after a few months. Our third has never known the feel of a premium brand disposable on his bum. With number four on the way and number three still in diapers, I decided to bite the bullet and switch to cloth for the cost savings. Even the least expensive generic diapers would still cost us about $1000 per year for two kids.

    I opted for Real Nappies because I wanted a complete system and I'm very pleased with the results. We purchased the Birth to Potty Pack, along with some extra Crawler and Toddler sets, night time booster pads, and extra nappy liners. Even with a new diaper pail and diaper pail liners thrown in (not to mention a shelf and fabric bins to store everything in the laundry room), we're still paying less for years of usage than we would pay for a single year of disposable diapers. So, I'm very happy from an economics standpoint already.

    I also couldn't be more pleased with the diapers themselves. The instructions are clear and concise, the inserts are thick and absorbent while still folding easily, the wraps are snug and easy to fit (and plain white, so they can be used for either gender), and the disposable nappy liners make changing soiled diapers just about as easy as disposable diapers. It took a couple of days to get a good routine down for the diaper changes and laundry, but it's been smooth sailing ever since.

    I'm glad we made the switch to cloth. I only wish we'd done it right from the start. Think of all the money we could have saved!
  4. Perfect for first time cloth diapering parents

    by Dennis Healy "Cloth diapering Dad" on January 26, 2012

    We used disposables with our first child, but when my wife became pregnant with our second child we decided to try cloth diapering. After researching online and trying to find a system that would work for us, we ended up going with the Birth to Potty pack.
    There are at least one hundred items in the box; diapers, covers, liners, sanitizer and everything in between. This system fits with our lifestyle and we don't have to worry about buying new diapers every time our son reaches a developmental milestone. The diapers stay soft and fluffy (even after vigorous washing and drying), and now that we've upgraded to the Toddler size our Newborn set has been put away in storage until we decide to have another child.
    Now that we've used cloth diapers, we'll never go back to disposables!
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