The Real Nappies Two-Child Guarantee

You'll be able to use Real Nappies Cloth Diapers and Snug Wraps for at least two children.

Should any Real Nappies cloth diaper or diaper cover you purchase from us fail before your second child has outgrown it, we'll replace or repair the item.

Real Nappies products are made from premium quality materials and we are proud to provide this guarantee that you can save even more by using them not just for one child but for your second child as well.

Read more on the Real Nappies Blog where Real Nappies founder Liz Mole writes, "How can we afford to offer such a fantastic warranty on our products?"

This replacement guarantee is based on items being washed every two days, not more frequently, and covers stitching, elastic, fastenings, any manufacturing defects. It requires the use of the recommended minimum numbers of diaper covers and cloth diapers at each size. It does not include replacement of items for normal wear and tear, fading, or leaking. Washing instructions must be followed, including the avoidance of bleach, vinegar, whiteners, fabric softeners and washing powders with enzymes or other additives.

If you do experience a failure with a Real Nappies product, please contact us with the details. We may require the return of the item and the details of your purchase. Returned items must be in a clean, washed and dry condition.