Frequently Asked Questions

Most FAQ's are listed here on this page. If we do not have the answer to the question that you are looking for please contact us.

Is my baby more likely to get Diaper rash with reusable Diapers?

Research has shown that baby's wearing cloth diapers are no more susceptible to diaper rash than wearers of disposables. In fact baby's in reusable diapers may be less likely to develop diaper rash as parents are more aware of when to change the cloth diaper and how well to cleanse the entire diaper area.

How does using cotton help the environment?

By using cotton you contribute nothing to the landfill problems. Raw sewerage should not be disposed of in household rubbish, by using liners and flushing them down the toilet ensures sewerage stays where it belongs and can be treated properly

Do cloth Diapers leak?

Real Nappies when put on correctly, do not leak, follow our tips to get maximum absorbency: - Always use the correct size for your baby. There should be no gaps around the leg holes. Ensure velcro is fastened so the wrap is snug around your baby. - Use the correct diaper fold . - Ensure all the cloth diaper pad and liner is inside the wrap - Wash your reusable diapers before use as this will fluff up the absorbency - Do not use fabric softener or bleaching agents on the wraps or diaper pads as this damages the waterproofness.

Cotton Diapers are so bulky!

Cotton diapers are no bulkier than a full disposable. Remember cloth diapers do not grow when they get wet.

What do you do when your newborn has liquid poo?

Many newborns, especially breastfed babies have liquid poo. Some parents find it easier not to use a bio-liner through the first few weeks and simply just let the cotton diaper pad absorb the liquid. Try our liquid poo fold. Plus you could try a Snappi Fastener (see accessories tab).

Dirty Diapers are smelly to leave around.

Firstly by using the liners you flush all the solids away down the toilet - no more smelly dustbins! Cloth diaper pads should then be rinsed and left in our bucket with lid secured. By using our Nappy Fresh there is no need for soaking, simply pop the Diaper Pads in the washing machine, run through on rinse cycle and add the Nappy Fresh to the detergent, when you are ready to wash the diapers.

Will my baby be 'dry' quicker as a result of using Real Nappies?

There is a good chance that your baby will be out of diapers sooner through using cotton, cloth diapers, simply because they can feel when they wet

I have heard there are Health Implications from the heat build-up in disposables. Is there any truth in this?

There have been some reports suggesting health issues associated with disposables. If you would like to read more about this please google the question.

What sizes and thicknesses are your prefold cloth diapers?

Each size is slightly different, please see the list below.

  • Newborn Size: 12x16" (layers of cotton per panel: 4x8x4)
  • Infant Size: 14.5x21" (4x6x4)
  • Crawler Size: 15x23" (4x8x4)
  • Toddler Size: 17.5x23 (4x8x4)