How Cloth Diapers Work

The Real Nappies Prefold Cloth Diaper System

Real Nappies prefold cloth diapers are a real practical alternative to disposable diapers. They are easy to use like disposable diapers, kind to the environment and save you money.

Real Nappies prefold cloth diapers make cloth diapering easy without costing you more and without compromising the planet. Easy to put on, highly absorbent and leak-proof like disposable diapers, Real Nappies cloth diapers are convenient for parents and comfortable for babies. And of course Real Nappies prefold cloth diapers are reusable so you save hundreds of dollars compared to the cost of disposable diapers and save the planet from tons of toxic landfill waste.

Real Nappies cloth diapers are easy to use. The Snug Wrap diaper cover holds the prefold cloth diaper, and the optional Bioliner diaper liner is laid over the top of the cloth diaper.

Real Nappies cloth diapers are easy to use. The Snug Wrap diaper cover holds the prefold cloth diaper, and the optional Bioliner diaper liner is laid over the top of the cloth diaper.

Practical for Busy Parents

Real Nappies cloth diapers are perfect for busy parents who want to do what's right for the planet by using cloth diapers without mess and fuss. Real Nappies cloth diapers are easy to put on like disposable diapers, quick to wash, and keep your baby dry and comfortable day and night.

Real Nappies cloth diapers consist of a natural cotton prefold cloth diaper against your baby's skin inside a waterproof Snug Wrap diaper cover. The Snug Wrap diaper cover need only be washed when soiled, typically every two to three diaper changes.

Gone are the days of unpleasant and laborious scrubbing of cloth diapers. With Real Nappies cloth diapers it takes a few minutes to soak them before adding them to your regular machine wash load. They dry quickly on the line or can be tumble-dried.

Kind to the Environment

Real Nappies reusable cloth diapers halve the ecological footprint of disposable diapers. Every child adds a minimum of 6,500 disposable diapers to our landfills which take upwards of 500 years to decompose. Included in the soiled diapers are many pounds of raw fecal matter. Viruses found in the feces can pose a threat to our water supplies and wildlife by seeping through cracks that sometimes develop in landfills.

Further, the 27 billion disposable diapers that get thrown out in the United States annually consume approximately 150,000 tons of plastic and 1,200,000 tons of tree pulp every year. Now compare that to the natural resources used to make and clean three to five dozen cloth diapers.

Then there’s the question of what’s hidden in some disposable diapers, such as dioxin (a by-product of bleaching the pulp) which has been linked to cancer, as well as other chemicals and fragrances that can irritate sensitive baby skin.

Cheaper Than Disposable Diapers

On average, parents spend $2,000 on disposable diapers per child. Compare that to an average of $700 (that includes laundering expenses) for your first child's diapering years using Real Nappies cloth diapers. A second and third child will cost much less since Real Nappies cloth diapers can be re-used for more than one child. In fact, we guarantee that Real Nappies cloth diapers will last you for at least two children or we will replace the item.

Soft Absorbent Natural Cotton Prefold Cloth Diaper

Real Nappies use premium quality 100% natural cotton fiber in their cloth diapers for superior softness, absorbency and durability wash after wash. The natural soft cotton cloth diapers are comfortable to wear, breathe naturally, and are certified to the highest Öko-Tex ecological standards which involves rigorous testing for over 100 harmful substances. You can rest assured that Real Nappies cloth diapers are free of chlorine bleach, plastics and chemicals, and won't irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.

Real Nappies cotton cloth diapers are prefolded which means the prefold cloth diaper's 3 panels are folded and sewn together each having up to eight layers for superior absorbency. The Real Nappies prefold cloth diaper is thicker in the middle to offer more absorbency exactly where it's needed without it being bulky.

The prefold cloth diapers fold easily and are sized to fit perfectly inside the Snug Wrap diaper cover. They can be folded in a variety of ways to accommodate boys, girls and smaller babies as required, and 'boosted' with optional booster pads for heavy wetters or night time use.

Real Nappies cloth diapers endure rigorous machine-washing and tumble-drying without tearing, shredding, pilling or losing absorbency. In fact, Real Nappies cloth diapers actually 'quilt up' and get fluffier with each wash.

Real Nappies prefold cloth diapers are included in all Real Nappies cloth diaper packs including the Birth To Potty Pack, Essentials Packs and Top-Up Packs.

Real Nappies Snug Wrap Diaper Cover

Durable Waterproof Snug Wrap Diaper Cover

The Real Nappies Snug Wrap diaper cover is as quick and easy to use as a disposable diaper. The quality tab closures won't lose their grip with repeated use and the elastic at the waist and legs ensures a snug comfortable fit without ever sagging.

The Real Nappies Snug Wrap diaper cover and cloth diaper system offers clear advantages over other types of cloth diapers which often have the cloth diapers inserted into pockets in the cover or have the cloth diaper and the cover sewn together. In both those cases the diaper cover must be washed with every diaper change which increases the amount of washing, and those types of cloth diapers and covers take a lot longer to dry than the Real Nappies separate cloth diapers and diaper covers.

Because the Snug Wrap diaper cover only needs to be washed if it gets soiled, and the individual cloth diaper and Snug Wrap components dry quickly, with Real Nappies you need only half as many diaper covers, which is a significant cost saving considering that a baby will average about six changes a day and a newborn baby needs changing eight to ten times a day.

White Snug Wraps are included in all Real Nappies cloth diaper packs including the Birth To Potty Pack, Essentials Packs and Top-Up Packs. In addition, Snug Wraps are available individually in white and bright fun colors.

Comfortable Fit For All Ages and Stages

Real Nappies prefold cloth diapers and Snug Wrap diaper covers are available in four sizes to ensure a slim, leak-proof and comfortable fit for all ages and stages, from newborn baby to infant to crawler to toddler.

Beware of one-size-fits-all cloth diapers which supposedly adjust to fit babies from birth through to potty training. No single diaper can adequately address the needs of a tiny delicate newborn and a growing, boisterous toddler. The newborn in a one-size-fits-all design is generally saddled with a very bulky, often leaky, awkward and uncomfortable diaper, while on the other hand the toddler is left with one that is less than adequate. The Real Nappies cloth diaper with its four sizes provides a comfortable fit for your baby at each stage.

Simple To Buy

Real Nappies cloth diapers are sold in convenient affordable packs making it simple to purchase exactly what you need.

The Real Nappies Birth to Potty Pack™ contains all the supplies you’ll need from the birth of your baby up the time they’re ready to ditch the diaper, and Real Nappies Essentials Packs give you all the cloth diapers you need for your baby at each stage.

View our Cloth Diaper Buyer's Guide to find out which cloth diaper pack is right for your baby.

Chosen By Maternity Hospitals

WaitemataDHB is the largest of New Zealand's healthcare operators. It serves a population of half a million people and its hospitals care for 6,000 newborn babies each year. Its Waitakere Hospital has adopted Real Nappies reusable cloth diapers, a move it expects will prevent 80,000 disposable diapers going to landfill each year.

"At Waitakere Maternity unit we are using Real Nappies as our choice of diapers for babies. Every parent of a newborn baby is given the option of using Real Nappies. Real Nappies are easy to use, leakproof and fit our newborns snugly regardless of birth weight.

"We chose to offer parents the Real Nappies system because of its ease of use, quality and effectiveness. It is another eco-friendly option for families in West Auckland. Offering parents cloth diapers whilst in hospital means parents can really give their baby the best possible start in life, whilst saving money and the environment at the same time."

Helen Ngatai
Midwifery Manager
Waitakere Hospital

National newspaper the New Zealand Herald reported that research showed disposable diapers used 3.5 times more energy than reusable cloth diapers, and eight times more non-renewable raw materials and 90 times more renewable materials than reusable cloth diapers. The research also showed that it took as much energy to produce one disposable diaper as it did to wash a cloth diaper 200 times, further emphasising the benefits to the environment of choosing reusable cloth diapers over disposable diapers.

Bioliner Diaper Liner

Bioliner Diaper Liner

The Bioliner diaper liners are laid upon the prefold cloth diaper when baby is being changed. They are flushable and biodegradable and can be thrown away when wet and flushed with solids.

The Bioliner diaper liner allows moisture to pass through onto the prefold cloth diaper but retains the solids. This keeps your cloth diapers clean and easy to wash, makes the prefold cloth diaper system a breeze and helps keep baby‘s bottom drier than with a cloth diaper alone.

Real Nappies Splash Wrap Swimming Diaper

Splash Wrap Swim Diaper

The Real Nappies Splash Wrap is a reusable swimming diaper that can be worn under a bathing suit and is cute enough to wear on its own. There's no need to put an extra diaper inside the Splash Wrap. With its super snug and comfortable fit, it gives you confidence to take your baby in the water. A Splash Wrap is included in the Real Nappies Birth To Potty Pack.

Real Nappies Potty Training Pants

Potty Training Pants

Real Nappies Potty Training Pants help your toddler get used to using the potty or toilet. They are comfortable and built to last. They have built-in padding, which means no other protection is required. There's no need for extra over-pants and no need for diapers.

Although these pants are not suitable for night time use if your child is still a heavy wetter, they are very thirsty and will take and hold in a few accidents! Real Nappies Potty Training Pants are easy for little ones to put on and take off all by themselves. They give all the protection you need, without a lot of bulk.

Potty Training Pants are available individually and one pair is included in the Real Nappies Birth To Potty Pack.

Real Nappies Booster Pad

The Real Nappies Booster Pad is fantastic for when your baby is sleeping through the night and needs extra absorbency in their diaper. The booster pad is constructed with two layers of terry cloth in an oval shape. To use the booster pad simply place it on top of the prefold cloth diaper, and enjoy a dry night.

Nappy Fresh Diaper Sanitizer

Nappy Fresh is an environmentally-friendly, biodegradable diaper cleanser. Not all detergents safely disinfect diapers, whereas Nappy Fresh is antibacterial and deodorizes the diapers during the wash cycle, eliminating the need for a hot water wash or soaking. Simply add a scoop to your load along with a cloth diaper-safe detergent and get a deep, disinfected and deodorized clean with only cold water. Think about the energy and water this saves over your children’s diaper years.

Each pack of Nappy Fresh is good for 50 washes. It's a great product to use regularly or periodically to disinfect cloth diapers.

Nappy Fresh diaper sanitizer is included in the Real Nappies Birth To Potty Pack and is available in individual diaper sanitizer packs.

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